Christmas ornament


SFr. 23.00

Design: Marcello Jori , Massimo Giacon

For a new, unconventional and funny way of decorating the Christmas tree, Cubomago, with his long blue robe studded with stars, offers an ironic take on traditional Christmas baubles.


Christmas ornament in blown glass. Hand-decorated.

  • Code: GJ02 10
  • Height (cm): 10.40
  • Length (cm): 7.00
  • Width (cm): 5.00

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Le Palle Quadrate are a bit like antique decorations, a bit vintage, a bit faces from video games… They can either be hanged on the Christmas tree or simply placed in a corner of the house making it special.

Marcello Jori

Marcello Jori was born in 1951. He currently lives and works in Bologna. Having obtained his degree from DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies, Bologna), in 1977 Jori embarked on his career as an artist, exhibiting in national and foreign galleries and museums. In 1979, Jori painted himself on top...

Meet the designer

Massimo Giacon

Born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leading light in the renewal of Italian comic, he divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.

Meet the designer