The stories of the kettles that have become design icons. Since the '70s, Alessi has involved a number of international designers in the design of one the most traditional domestic products.

A melodic whistle

The sound created by the notes was similar to the one of the siren of the steamboats that sailed the waters of the Rhine: a memory from Richard Sapper's childhood, as sweet and pleasant as the sound he wanted for his kettle.

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The iconic little bird

It is a smart object, elegant, but at the same time playful and fun: when the water starts boiling, the bird sings, leading to an inevitable smile.

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Table architecture

The link between the shape of Aldo Rossi's kettle and its name is clear. The cone, a constant presence in his architectural designs, is transformed into a miniature monument becoming icon.

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Poetry of motion

Designed by Frank Gehry, a fascinating and poetic object that recalls in the mahogany components the stylized shape of two darting fish, and with its melody of the whistle the song of a whale.

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New meaning to teatime

A kettle teapot with a refined form, simple yet meticulous, that conceals an exasperated search for details, a typical trait of Fukasawa's expressive purism.

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