Celebrating steel at the 2023 Milan Design Week

Alessi participates in the 2023 Milan Design Week with Ars Metallica, featuring creations by Philippe Starck, Virgil Abloh, Salvador Dalì and Many others.

After the 2022 edition where we celebrated a century of history, we are celebrating our roots in metalworking, the true origin of Alessi's laboratory. Combining our metalworking expertise and the best design practices, we bend a typically non-flexible material with creativity and meaning.

With us, we bring four exciting new collaborations: Poêle by Philippe Starck, based on the methodology used to manufacture frying pans, while Conversational Objects by Virgil Abloh, a cutlery set, completed by a cutlery holder and candlestick holder, also realised in matt-finish stainless steel, is inspired by the Alessi industrial assembly. The final collaborations include Obget Inutile, designed by Salvador Dalì, and "Il Tornitore Matto" ("The Mad Turner"), a collaboration between 9 leading international designers. The exhibition will be on display in the historical Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda in Milan, during the 2023 Milan Design Week.

Conversational Objects

The second collaboration between Alessi and Virgil Abloh, debuting at the 2023 Milan Design Week, consists of a 16-piece cutlery set with cutlery holder, and candlestick. The designer imagines the table as a theatre for dialogue, and emphasises the importance of conversation and starting relationships through the shared ritual of dining. The matt-finish stainless steel alludes to the tools that were used to produce the objects and celebrates Alessi's metalworking heritage.


Poêle Collection

Inspired by the "frying pan" production methodology, the Poêle collection by Philippe Starck leverages Alessi's identity production capabilities and claims its own compositional inspiration, resulting in a collection of small furnishings in which the metal element takes on a fluid texture. A versatile collection, capable of fitting into any environment, being the home, the office, or high-end contract décor.


Obget inutile

After being conceived by Salvador Dalì in the early 1970s in Alessi d'après, L'Obget inutile, while being critical for building the foundation of Alessi's research-based approach, seeking the continuous balance between everyday objects and works of art, has never been put into production. Until today. Discover L'Obget Inutile, an Art Multiple in 925 Silver, 24 carat gold plated brass and olive wood, a limited edition of 99 numbered copies, concrete expression of the continuum between art and function that Alessi embodies.


Il Tornitore Matto

Nine modern designers, one design exploration. Discover "Il Tornitore Matto" at the 2023 Milan Design Week, with a collection of diverse objects signalling the first chapter of an ongoing project taking us to uncharted territory. A land where the focus is on experimenting with the industrial model, to take the Alessi design investigations into the future.