Alessi 100-001 Exhibition

Alessi’s centenary year is celebrated at Milan Design Week with the exhibition Alessi 100-001, which expresses the character of this Italian Design Factory as epitomised by its past, present, and future through the narration of the 12 founding values of the company’s identity and practice in the field of applied arts. Alessi 100-001 explores the past 100 years and, significantly, unveils its first new project of the next 100.



The first – the 100 of the title – is a corridor of curiosities, 12 rooms to express and illustrate the 12 core values of the brand.



The second – the 001 of the title  marks the beginning of a new era of experimentation for Alessi. 



"The centenary exhibition in Milan is an important summation of our 100-year adventure. While the parallel exhibit of our new project – the first of the next 100 years – and the new project itself, stand as testament to Alessi’s commitment to remaining relevant to this and future generations. Because, if I am being entirely honest, the past only interests me insofar as it can inform what we will do tomorrow." Alberto Alessi

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