“My factory is one hundred years old, but what interests me more than its age is its ability always to apply new ideas, to contribute new forms to the evolution of the domestic landscape.” Alberto Alessi

Alessi Values Collection is the special initiative that, in the occasion of Alessi’s centennial, celebrates the values that define the identity and the practice of this Italian Design Factory. A collection of astonishing objects: objects never produced until now, unpublished versions, icons caught in their becoming. 12 values, 12 projects and 12 months. To celebrate one hundred years of research in the field of applied arts and the beginning of a new century of experimentation.

Values Timeline

Une année entière consacrée au centenaire de notre fondation. Chaque mois, nous partirons à la découverte d'une valeur qui a forgé notre identité et d'un produit inédit qui lui est dédié.