Nespresso & Alessi

Alessi "Double" Limited Edition for Nespresso: a unique idea for the Gifting Season.

A simple and at the same time sophisticated design: the Double bowl, designed by Donato d’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi for Alessi, turns into an elegant coffee capsules dispenser. An exclusive limited edition made for Nespresso.

The outer surface of the bowl, lucid and reflective, matches the inner decoration, which celebrates one of the most ancient goldsmith’s techniques, namely, the Etruscan Granulation. The grains line up in a decorative pattern shaping the geometric sequence generated by the Fibonacci sequence; the Italian mathematician who first translated into numbers the golden ratio, that is one of the main principles regulating the shapes of nature. The shiny steel together with the decorated one interacts with the light enhancing the clean lines of the bowl and contributing to the exaltation of the content. 




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