SFr. 30.00

Entwurf: Valerio Sommella

Die kleine Kelle Brigata ist das ideale Instrument für alle Perfektionisten in der Küche.


Küchensaucenlöffel aus Edelstahl 18/10.

  • Code: VS08/53
  • Höhe (cm): 31.00
  • Länge (cm): 7.00
  • Breite (cm): 5.80

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Valerio Sommella

Valerio Sommella, born in 1980 and graduated cum laude from the Politecnico of Milan in 2004, began his design career working with Stefano Giovannoni. In 2007 he moved to Amsterdam where he joined Marcel Wanders’ team. Since 2009, when he settled down in Milan and opened his design studio, he designs products in different fields, from furniture to consumer electronic goods and lighting both for Italian and international clients. He alternates this activity teaching at some Italian universities and design schools.

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